Lean 6 Fat Burner

Lean 6 Fat Burner

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LEAN 6 contains six ingredients designed to help burn stubborn fat, assists in maintaining healthy energy levels and supports appetite control.

LEAN 6 is the next generation of Fat Burning technology with smarter formulation and less caffeine than most fat burners on the market today.
With a clinical serving of L-carnitine and added Beta Alanine as well as Green Tea extract there is no need for strong stimulants. Bitter Orange extract also acts as a appetite suppressant.

LEAN 6 actually has very low caffeine levels and has been formulated in New Zealand and is proudly New Zealand made and banned substance free.

Bitter Orange                    
Beta alanine                    
Green Tea                        
Chromium polynicotinate  

60 capsules per bottle. 1 capsule twice a day. Full 30 day supply.

Some of the feedback we receive: 

  1. Loved it Review by Yes!

    This is amazing. Never in my life have I had the energy or stamina to work out. These have helped my utilize my muscles to the best of their ability, and my fitness has sky rocketed. But in terms of overall performance, I am more than satisfied. 

  2. Best Review by Brad

    Best I've used. No caffeine jitters, nice clean energy, helps control appetite, definitely sweat more during workouts. Plus no artificial crap. 

  3. Really good Review by Joel

    This stuff is amazing, makes me feel really energized for the day.. 2 thumbs up! 

  4. its good Review by Singh

    Lost 4 kgs one month still lift same weight. Burns fat. 

  5. Good Review by Nick

    Really good fat burner thx 

  6. friend Review by Sandra

    was recommended this by my trainer. Seeing good results have lost 4kgs this month.